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Geschrieben von: Hanif, am 27.Mar.2009

CSharp Methodes Browser (CMB) 27.03.2009 (Download CMB-Setup file)

CSharp Methodes Browser

The idea behind CMB consists of an old experience of mine. I used to programm in Php Language and the most of my work and my collected examples were scatter on many places so that i lost focus and i had to search for my examples every time i needed them.
I begun programming in C# for about 6 month ago and now i have a lot of examples again, same situation as before. Now i need an easy way to find my written Methodes or Classes. Therefore i decided to develope this Browser in which i organize all of my examples in a better way.

CMB is no Editor to modify the files but it can call any Editor of your choice for modifing and saving the examples files. It has an easy search engine with Regular Expressions ability and a Browser with colorized functionality for better viewing of the examples.


The Treeview on the left side of the Browser consists of an easy way for sorting and viewing code files as shown in the example below

……….. |__file01
……….. |__file02
……….. |__file03
……….. |__etc…

All Directories and Subdirectories are saved in the root-directory called "CMB" and can be managed normaly with your system explorer.
The collected example files must be saved as *.cs file formate. If you want to change the file formate to another file type, you can do that within "cmb.xml". Open the file and edit the word "cs" between the tags cs to what ever you like, such as txt, vb, js etc…

Colorizing Code

The whole stylesheet for the colorizing function is saved in the xml file "cmb.xml" as well. The style Tag

contains the stylesheet, which is pure CSS.


  • longComment ( Comments between /* Slash star */ )
  • shortComment ( Comments beginning with double slashes // )
  • strText ( string between "double quots" )
  • symbols ( special symbols ( ) [ ] { } etc… )
  • classes ( Calsses Names )
  • keywords ( Some special keywords string, new etc… )

To add new keywords such as for classes, symbole or keywords open cmb.xml or choose from the Options "Colorizing Options" to open the xml file with your text editor. Add your words to the specified category, save and close.

Search Options

The Search Methode consists of 2 different ways which can be choosen from the upper menu => Edit:

  1. Searching file names (comparing search string with the names of files)
  2. Searching in documents (searching within the files)

Both methodes use Regular Expressions

Other Options

  1. Set External Text Editor: In the upper menu choose Edit => Options => External Editor
  2. Use right mouse click to expand (Alt+E) or collapse (Alt+C) the left sided Treeview

Requirement CMB needs at least framework 2.0 to run on Windows XP systems. If you have Vista, no need to install the framework.


For programming i used C# Visual Studio Express Edition 2008; the free version from MS.

At last

CMB is only a tool for helping new or advanced programmers better organizing there examples without the need of a database.

I hope it does the work

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