Download: OpenQuran 1.9.25 Tutorials to Open Quran Introduction Most Quran Software are consisting of a Quran version and some translations, which users can’t choose or change. For studying purpose this can’t help much and the user has to use many software for getting results which has to be written else where. OpenQuran is in this… Read More OpenQuran

Prime number 19, the common denominator of the Quran!

بسم الرحيم الرحمن الله Written by: Hasan Ozturk In 1 Quran, only two numbers are mentioned undefined: – number 8 in verse 69:17 (والملك على أرجائها ويحمل عرش ربك فوقهم يومئذ ثمنية) – and number 19 in verse 74:30 (عليها تسعة عشر). It is interesting to note that from beginning of each chapter to both… Read More Prime number 19, the common denominator of the Quran!

The Secret of 245 and the Revelation

بسم الرحيم الرحمن الله Written by: Hassan Oztuerk 41:53 سنريهم ءايتنا فى الءافاق وفى أنفسهم حتى يتبين لهم أنه الحق أولم يكف بربك أنه على كل شىء شهيد We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a… Read More The Secret of 245 and the Revelation

Reciting Quran

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم   هذه بعض النماذج لترتيل القرءان الكريم دون لحن القول. بأمكانك تحميل الملفات أو نسخها أو توريدها للأخرين دون أي شروط EN: Here are some examples for reciting Quran without any melodical expression for study purposes. You can download, copy or distribute without any conditions. DE: Hier sind einige Beispiel für… Read More Reciting Quran

Quranic Fonts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Openquran Font We developed our font “openquran.ttf” depending on the font “me_quran.ttf“. This was especially made to view quranic scriptures in a right manner. Just download and install in your Fonts folder (C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts). Its free to use for none commercial use! For more informations please visit me_quran at: Download: openquran.ttf… Read More Quranic Fonts

Sura 113 und 114 – Die beiden Schutzmantras

Im Namen Gottes Des Gnädigen Des Erbarmers 2 wichtige Suren, deren Inhalt eine Schutzmantra für Gläubige Menschen bildet: الفلق [Alfalaq] Die Spaltung: download/audio/ayman113.mp3 113:1 قل اعوذ برب الفلق – Qol aáouso berabi alfalaq Sage! Ich suche Zuflucht bei Dem Herrn der Spaltung 113:2 من شر ما خلق – min scharre ma khalaq vor dem Übel… Read More Sura 113 und 114 – Die beiden Schutzmantras

OQ Editor

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم OQ-Editor is specially programmed to design oq-code which is used in OpenQuran since version 1.9.10. With oq code users can automate almost every method which is used in OpenQuran and even call hidden methods such as downloading files und playing Mp3 audio files. OQ Editor contains (on the right side of… Read More OQ Editor