Alquran goes Mobile (Announcement)

Written by: admin on 18.Oct.2012

Im Namen Gottes, des Erbarmers, des Gnädigen

Für diejenigen, die viel unterwegs sind, haben wir mit Gottes Hilfe diese Onlineseite erstellt, die speziell für kleine Mobilgeräte gedacht ist. Die Hauptseite von ist gleich geblieben und nur we

OpenQuran (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 05.Dec.2011
  Download OpenQuran 1.9.25


Tutorials to Open Quran Introduction

Most Quran Software are consisting of a Quran version and some translations, which users can't choose or change. For studying purpose this can't help mu

ExLibris php script (Books Management) (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 11.Aug.2011

EX LIBRIS is designd to manage all of your own books at home

Program language

Its written in php und uses Sqlite database for saving data. Interface language can be set to English, German or Arabic and can also be easly  translated to any other language.


htaccess creator (a safe folder creation tool) (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 11.Aug.2011

I work a lot with SqLite databases which are realy flexible and fast for my online programs but SqLite database is only a file which can be downloaded from any one who knows the folder adresse. To make such folders safe from bieng seen or executed we need to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files

Quranic Fonts (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 28.Feb.2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Openquran Font

We developed our font "openquran.ttf" depending on the font "me_quran.ttf". This was especially made to view quranic scriptures in a right manner.
Just download and install in your Fo

Regular Expressions and The Quran (Tutorials)

Written by: admin on 12.Feb.2010

Regular Expressions (abbreviation: RegEx) are signs which built in an intelligent and easy to understand system. We have the ability to use this system in Openquran and improve our work much faster and even exactly. If users of OpenQuran doing research to the counts and calculations of Letters

Multi Time Organizer (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 28.Nov.2009

Multi Time Organizer (MTO) is our smallest software with alarm functionality for writing own dates. MTO runs in the system tray and plays specified sound when the date and time are reached.
MTO requires at least Framework 2.0 from Microsoft and runs only on windows systems.

Net.FilesJoiner (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 10.Nov.2009

Net.FilesJoiner is an easy application to join many files (html, css or txt) in only one file.

Sorting files names easly per drag and drop. Html files can be merged with or without Sytles or images.

Right mouse Click to open the menu for openning or saving

The Arabic Keyboard (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 22.Mar.2009

The Arabic Keyboard helps User, who has keyboad in latin or any other non semitic language characters. It can send keys clicked by the mouse to any program running in the background.

Arabic Keyboard can hold a specified program for sending arabic (hebrew, Farsi, Urdo) mouse clicks whil

Arabic Support (Our Projects)

Written by: admin on 13.Mar.2009
Tutorial on how to use "Arabic Keyboard" Introduction Reuirement Installing Sending keys Hold a program or window Smart sentences Type Me After Right-to-Left Languages support Introduction Arabic Keyboard helps User, who has keyboad in latin or a
Wer SATT ist, wird NIE einen HUNGERNDEN verstehen.
Es kommt nicht darauf an, wie ALT man ist, sondern WIE man alt ist.
AUFRICHTIGKEIT ist wahrscheinlich die verwegenste Form der TAPFERKEIT.
Ein WAHRHAFT großer Mensch wird weder einen Wurm ZERTRETEN, noch vor dem Kaiser KRIECHEN.
Was Rednern an TIEFE fehlt, ersetzen sie durch LÄNGE.
Sehnsucht ist das Los des Geistes, der einmal Gottes Schönheit geschaut hat.
Unruhig ist unser Herz, bis es ruht in DIR.
Wandelt mit den FÜßEN auf der ERDE; mit den HERZEN aber seid im HIMMEL.
Bewußt-Sein ist Selbst-Erlebnis durch Selbst-Betrachtung.
Doch die SCHÖPFUNG - bleibt ein WUNDER.
Nur der Schweigende hört.
Suche nicht ANDERE, sondern dich SELBST zu übertreffen.
Man muss etwas Neues machen, um etwas Neues zu sehen.
Jede Weisheit ist ein Geschenk Gottes
Wer sich nicht mehr WUNDERN kann, der ist SEELISCH bereits TOD.
Menschen wünschen sich Geduld, aber so schnell wie möglich