Net.FilesJoiner is an easy application to join many files (html, css or txt) in only one file.

Sorting files names easly per drag and drop. Html files can be merged with or without Sytles or images.

Right mouse Click to open 1 menu for openning or saving nfj (Net.FilesJoiner) files for specified formation, selecting all items, deleting selected items from 1 List and options:

In 1 options we can define a text line as seperater between 1 merged files or header / footer Tags for html files.

Net.FilesJoiner can also save 1 last session and view it by 1 next time you use 1 program.

To run Net.FilesJoiner you need at least Framework 2.0 or higher from Microsoft installed on your system (by XP). If you have Vista or windows7 its already installed.

Download Net.FilesJoiner