Download: OpenQuran 1.9.25 Tutorials to Open Quran Introduction Most Quran Software are consisting of a Quran version and some translations, which users can’t choose or change. For studying purpose this can’t help much and the user has to use many software for getting results which has to be written else where. OpenQuran is in this… Read More OpenQuran

Quranic Fonts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Openquran Font We developed our font “openquran.ttf” depending on the font “me_quran.ttf“. This was especially made to view quranic scriptures in a right manner. Just download and install in your Fonts folder (C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts). Its free to use for none commercial use! For more informations please visit me_quran at: Download: openquran.ttf… Read More Quranic Fonts

OQ Editor

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم OQ-Editor is specially programmed to design oq-code which is used in OpenQuran since version 1.9.10. With oq code users can automate almost every method which is used in OpenQuran and even call hidden methods such as downloading files und playing Mp3 audio files. OQ Editor contains (on the right side of… Read More OQ Editor


Net.FilesJoiner is an easy application to join many files (html, css or txt) in only one file. Sorting files names easly per drag and drop. Html files can be merged with or without Sytles or images. Right mouse Click to open 1 menu for openning or saving nfj (Net.FilesJoiner) files for specified formation, selecting all… Read More Net.FilesJoiner

Root Lexicon of the Holy Quran Terms

قاموس جذور مصطلحات القرآن الكريم يحتوي القاموس على أكثر من 1770 جذر لكلمات القرآن الكريم التي تفيد طلاب القرآن في دراستهم ومعرفتهم لمشتقات جذر الكلمات وتعريبها.ا بإمكان أي شخص تحميل هذه النسخة وتوزيعها لأشخاص آخرين بشرط أن لا تطبع أو تباع من قبل أي شخص إلا بموافقتنا حقوق الطبع محفوظة : Root Dictionary Of… Read More Root Lexicon of the Holy Quran Terms