Y.S. and the wise Quran

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Chapter 36 in the Quran has 83 verses and begins with the first verse which has 2 initials: Y.S.
We made some researches according to these 2 initials to understand the reasons why they start in this chapter the way they do. The second verse explains, that these initials have something to do with the Quran of Wisdom

36:1 Y.S.
36:2 And 1 Quran of wisdom

1. First we searched in this chapter (36) for any word that includes both initials with same chronology (first Y than S), e.g. : يسعى, يكسبون, أوليس

So we found 13 Words in 12 verses:

Count of words in these 12 verses is 114 (19*6)
114 is the number of chapters of the Quran, as we know

2. These 12 verses are divided to 6 even numbered verses and 6 odd numbered verses. See following table

even odd
1 18
21 20
51 30
65 40
75 50
81 76

– The odd numbers calculation = 294 (6*49), and the even numbers = 234 (6*39)
– The two numbers beside each others 66 is the gematrical value of the name of God = ALLH (1+30+30+5=66)

Here you can see the verses  and the exact calculations

3. In the Quran there are 6 Chapters which begin with one or two such initials, Here they are:

  1. 19 = كهيعص
  2. 26 = طسم
  3. 27 = طس
  4. 28 = طسم
  5. 36 = يس
  6. 42 = حم/عسق

If we search in these 6 chapters the way we did in example 1, we’ll get following results:
– We found exactly 57 (19*3) Words
– We count chapter and verse numbers together and we get: 2622 (114*23) or (19*138)

4. Now we search in chapter 36 for any of these two initials (Y or S).
– they are found 285 (19*15) times
– in 247 (19*13) words
– in 83 verses, which have 722 (19*19*2) words

The only verse that does not have Y or S is verse 6, it says

36:6 To warn a people whose fathers were not warned, for they are unaware

Hint: The difference between 285 and 247 is = 38 (19*2)
and the number 722 is also (19*38) or, as we said before (19*19*2)

5. The two initials Y.S. are followed by the word Alquran (The Quran) as we noticed.
We also know that the word (alquran) exists in the Quran 57 (19*3) times.
But in this chapter 36 its mentioned only in 2 verses, which consist of 57 (19*3) letters

6. The initial Y is in the whole Quran 75924 (114*666) or (19*3996) times

7. The initial S is in the whole Quran 3534 (114*31) or (19*185) times

8. Now we want to search for both initials in one word (like: ليس) or seperated in two words (like: على سفر).
We found them in 595 verses. and if we count chapter and verse numbers toge1r we get 40242 (114*353) or (19*2118)

9. We search for all verses that begin with YS (like: يسءلونك, يستفتونك), and we found 1m in exactly 19 chapters, in 24 verses, which consist of 456 (114*4) or (19*24) words

Why Y.S. ?

Our researches for the two initials Y.S. and many other same researches approved that any changes done by the human to a word or letter or even verse number will be immediately discovered by the divine mathematical code. God set this system for us to detect the truth for ourselves and to show others that the traditional Quran within peoples hands got some errors in it. Here are two important examples:

  1. The word بسطة [BaSTaH] is written in 2 verses (2:247 and 7:69) with letter Saad صطة), but 1 same word is written in other 21 verses with S. Thats why Rashad Khalifa corrected 1m and rewrote 1m back to origin with S letter.
  2. The two injected verses 9:128 and 9:129 have 3 letters S and 9 letters Y. If we leave 1se two false verses in the Quran, we will never witness the mathematical miracles of the Quran, which means we will never witness the fully truth.

Thats why the initials of the Quran are of a great impotance for us, specially in this era of time where we found many copies of the Quran which have lots of errors done by the human.

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds