Quranic Fonts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Openquran Font

We developed our font “openquran.ttf” depending on the font “me_quran.ttf“. This was especially made to view quranic scriptures in a right manner.
Just download and install in your Fonts folder (C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts).
Its free to use for none commercial use!

For more informations please visit me_quran at: http://arabicfonts.wikispaces.com/

Download: openquran.ttf

Samarqand Font

This Font is made by OpenQuran depending on old scriptures from the first century of islamic Hijra which found in Samarkand/Uzbekistan. The purpose of this Font is to make it easy for Quran students by there research on old manuscripts and to understand how letters were written in old KUFIC.

Samarqand Font doesn´t have diacritic signs (Harakat), that means any arabic Text will be viewed clear of diacritics even if they have any!

Samarqand Font is open source, its free for none commercial use.

Download: Samarqand.ttf